Welcome to the Centros de Transportes

The mission of our association is to represent the interest of domestic and international moving and storage companies. We help the customers that these companies serve. We make sure that the companies who are members of this association always maintain good quality of service.

The moving industry is a very sensitive sector. We help people in their life-changing transitions by transporting their possessions from one place to another. We also transport equipment and other important belongings of different institutions and offices. Our association represents more than 400 members, including removal and storage companies, international movers and local movers. We even have contractors working for the best hunting knife brands in the country. We support all the government policies and regulations to support customers, at the same time, help our member companies to provide quality service. We have a vigorous process of selecting our members. They must adhere to our principles and practices to continue being a member of our association.

We provide a wide range of services to our members. These include legal and tax assistance, federal government representation, professional certification programs, loss and damage claim, statistical and financial reporting, dispute resolution and many more. We change our policies depending on the new trends in the industry. The membership of each company is reviewed at the end of year to see if they still comply with the standards of our association. Being member of our association is prestigious and it will give you a special place in the industry. You will be able to interact with other companies in the same industry and learn from them.You can even collaborate with them to expand your existing business. We have created a platform that will allow you to have voice and express your opinion about the business. If you are concerned about any aspect of the business, you can raise the concern to us and we will look into it.